7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

PUBLISHED ON: December 6, 2023    LAST MODIFIED ON: December 22, 2023

Car accidents can cause a range of injuries, some more prevalent than others. Understanding the most common injuries from car accidents is important in case you or a loved one ends up in such an unfortunate situation. Learn the seven most likely ways you may be hurt in a car crash and the importance of seeking legal assistance as you navigate the aftermath of an accident injury.

7 Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Whiplash: As the single most common injury from car accidents, whiplash occurs when the head suddenly jerks back and forth, straining soft tissues in the neck. Whiplash symptoms, which include neck pain and stiffness, may not appear immediately but can cause significant discomfort once they do.

Head injuries: A concussion is one of the most injury-causing things that can happen to a person in a crash. The force of a collision can cause the head to hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or windows, leading to various degrees of brain injury.

Broken bones: The impact of a car crash can cause fractures and other types of breaks in the arms, legs, ribs, and pelvis. These injuries often require immediate medical attention and can lead to prolonged recovery.

Soft tissue injuries: These common injuries from car accidents affect the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries can vary from minor bruises to severe sprains and strains.

Lacerations: Deep cuts can be caused by shattered glass, metal fragments, or objects flying around inside the car during a collision. Lacerations range from superficial cuts to deep wounds requiring stitches or surgery. Besides the immediate physical harm, lacerations increase the risk of infection and scarring.

Internal bleeding: The force of a crash can damage blood vessels inside the body, leading to internal bleeding. This type of injury is particularly dangerous because it may not present immediate symptoms, allowing it to go unnoticed. Seek medical attention after any significant accident for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Psychological trauma: Apart from the physical injuries outlined above, it’s important to acknowledge the psychological impact of car accidents. Anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression are not uncommon among accident survivors and require just as much attention and care as physical trauma.

Now that you understand the most common car accident injuries, the next step is to protect your legal rights and well-being after such an event. Seeking legal guidance is the best way to ensure fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Choose Nava Law Group as your trusted partner when filing a car accident injury claim. Our team has more than 150 years of combined legal experience and has successfully served over 40,000 injury victims and their families. We pride ourselves on being highly qualified and well-regarded personal injury attorneys dedicated to meeting your needs and goals. For a friendly and professional approach to your car accident injury case, please contact us at 713.661.9900. We’ll begin with a free consultation at one of our offices in Houston, Bellaire, Edinburg, or Austin, TX, to discuss your case.

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