Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business Interruption Insurance Claims Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Business Interruption Insurance Claims Attorney in Houston, Texas

The current health crisis identified as COVID-19 has closed non-essential businesses throughout Houston, the State of Texas, and the entire United States.

At the Nava Law Group, P.C., our Houston corporate attorneys understand the depth of this crisis and how it affects all business owners differently and how the fallout from the virus creates uncertainty for everyone.

When companies have business interruption insurance policies in place with their providers, they may be able to lessen the financial damage caused by their closures.

How Do I Know If My Company Has Business Interruption Insurance Coverage?

Your business insurance policy should outline your specific coverage.

The problem is, insurance policies can be very hard to read and understand.

This is no accident. Business insurance policies contain complex language that allows the provider to deny claims simply by stating that the financial recovery the policyholder is pursuing “isn’t covered.”

The reality is, insurance companies often deny, devalue, or delay financial recovery claims from policyholders regularly. Right now is when you need your coverage to safeguard you, your family, and the business you have worked so hard to build.

Business interruption insurance was created to protect business owners from sudden and dramatic losses of income and the expenses associated with fires, flooding, natural disasters, and other unforeseen catastrophes — like the COVID-19 pandemic our country is facing.

If your insurance company has decided your coverage is not valid during this extremely difficult time, our business interruption insurance policies attorneys in Houston are here to help protect your rights.

When your business is unable to generate revenue or profits due to a forced closure, the last thing you need is a denial from your insurance company for coverage you were certain would protect you during this difficult time.

Our Houston law firm is here to ensure that coverage protects its policyholder as outlined in their agreement.

How Can The Nava Law Group, P.C. Help Me File A Business Insurance Interruption Claim?

Facing an insurance company alone can be terrifying. Especially when you are crossing your fingers that the coverage you have paid for is now going to pay off for you.

Business interruption insurance policies should pay the owner the income that was lost during their forced closure, and the expenses that are still payable when they are not generating revenue. That can include the loss to the property of suppliers or consumers of its products or services.

If you have purchased business interruption insurance as an addition to the property insurance policy you have to protect its physical existence and are ready to make a claim, our Houston business interruption insurance claim attorneys can help ensure it is accurate, complete, and backed by the support from a law firm that pursues results.

We will inspect:

  • Business expense reports
  • Business revenue reports
  • Details regarding your business history
  • Number of employees
  • Utility costs
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Miscellaneous factors and continuing expenses that affect your bottom line

Our business interruption insurance attorneys at the Nava Law Group, P.C. in Houston will evaluate your coverage and provide a realistic approach to recovering each segment of your business income and the expenses that must still be paid during the closure, so you know what your claim is worth.

We take the guesswork out of dealing with your insurance company to provide the confidence our clients need to move forward.

My Coverage Has Already Been Denied. Can A Business Interruption Claims Lawyer in Houston Help?

As we mentioned, insurance companies often deny claims immediately, citing provisions in your policy that may not apply when read properly by an attorney.

Our skilled Houston business interruption insurance attorneys are available now to evaluate your policy and the insurance company’s response to ensure they are not operating in bad faith.

If they are, our Harris County business interruption insurance claim lawyers will take the lead in holding them responsible for the financial coverage you should be afforded through the coverage you pay for.

Business Interruption Insurance Policy Claims Beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates, including business owners, patrons, and the general public throughout the United States, Texas, and Houston.

Houston businesses that have been interrupted by the virus may take months or even years to get back on track — when they are successfully able to recover. That’s why it is so important for their business interruption insurance coverage to honor the details outlined in their policy.

Unfortunately, the pandemic may not be the only trouble some businesses are facing. Accidents can still happen, and natural disasters like flooding and fires are immune to the virus’s effects. Business interruption insurance is designed to protect your business during forced closures, which can happen even in the best of times. And your insurance company should be there to provide the relief you need when closures arise beyond your control.

Our Houston business interruption insurance attorneys represent clients whose businesses have been forced to close due to property damage caused by:

  • Fires
  • Hurricane and storm damage
  • Mold
  • Sinkholes
  • Vandalism or deliberate property damage
  • Water damage

The city of Houston is no stranger to storms, hurricanes, and flooding, and if these circumstances force your business to close, we want to review your insurance policy and outline the coverage you deserve for these events.

Business interruption insurance should provide relief from the financial hardships that accompany:

  • Lost income and profits
  • Moving or temporary relocation costs
  • Rental fees and leases
  • Utilities
  • Fixed operating costs
  • Commission and training costs
  • Additional expenses

Each business interruption insurance policy is unique, and what is covered in yours may be different than another business owner. However, it is important to talk with a business interruption insurance claims attorney in Houston, so you know exactly what is outlined in your policy. Never take the insurance company’s word for it.

With so many businesses forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance companies are feeling the pressure from clients, attorneys, and even the government to pay out. This means they are going to fight even harder to avoid paying their policyholders. We can help you hold the insurance company accountable for the coverage you have paid for, no matter why your business was forced to close.

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Contact our experienced Houston, Texas business interruption insurance policy attorneys at the Nava Law Group, P.C. today by calling (713) 218-2400 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim. Our offices are fully functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lawyers are available to discuss your case, so together we can pursue the help you need to get the financial recovery you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions for Houston Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Do All Business Insurance Policies Provide Business Interruption Coverage?

No. Business interruption coverage is provided through an additional and often a standalone policy. Some policies package liability coverage and property coverage into one policy, which may or may not include coverage for business interruption. Our Houston business interruption insurance attorneys will evaluate your policy and provide details regarding the scope of coverage that the policy provides.

Are All Texas Business Interruption Insurance Policies The Same?

No. The business interruption coverages in business owner policies and commercial property contain different terms and conditions, which outlines the coverage and restrictions. Business owners should partner with an experienced Houston business interruption lawyers to read the specific terms and conditions set forth in their policies.

The Houston Stay-At-Home Order Forced By Business To Close. Will My Business Interruption Claim Be Covered?

That depends. The specific language of your business interruption insurance policy will dictate whether a government order or the COVID-19 pandemic itself is covered under your unique policy. We encouraged all business owners who carry business interruption coverage to file the claim with the help of our Houston attorneys, so the insurance company takes the request seriously.

Can I Purchase Business Interruption Coverage Now to Cover My Losses Due To COVID-19?

You can purchase business interruption insurance from your carrier at any time, by reviewing and paying for an additional policy that includes the coverage. However, if this type of coverage is purchased today, it will not apply to the current coronavirus or the previous/ongoing forced closure.

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