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“An Amazon truck hit my car—who do I call?” Call the seasoned attorneys at Nava Law Group. Our team has years of experience in personal injury law, and we’re passionate about helping our community members receive the compensation they deserve. Don’t shy away from filing your claim because Amazon is a massive company—it’s all the more reason they should be held responsible for your injuries. We proudly serve the cities of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, TX with outstanding legal counsel.

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There’s Been an Uptick in Amazon Truck Accidents

No matter where you get your news, you’ve probably seen more and more stories about Amazon accidents. Some of these only involve property damage, while some tragic cases prove fatal. Regardless of the outcomes of these incidents, one thing is for sure—Amazon does not place enough importance on safety. Amazon’s lightning-fast delivery times combined with low operating costs push drivers to take too many risks on the road. They might drive at unsafe speeds or start delivering without proper training. It only takes one mistake to cost a pedestrian or cyclist their life.

Factors Involved in Amazon Truck Accidents

Amazon truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons, and there may be more than one factor at play. While it’s not always possible to avoid an accident, knowing their common causes can help you protect yourself. Here are a few factors that increase the chances of an accident:

  • Distractions: Distracted driving is the top cause of all motor vehicle accidents. Drivers should always have their complete attention on the road, but too often, they’re distracted by their phones, passengers, and attempting to multitask.
  • Excessive Speed: Speeding is a victimless crime, right? While lots of people speed every day, the truth is driving too fast is incredibly dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians. Amazon trucks tend to be bigger than most cars, so speeding is especially risky.
  • Recklessness: Driving recklessly and failing to follow the rules of the road are huge contributors to Amazon truck accidents. These drivers may resort to reckless driving in order to make deliveries on time and avoid consequences from their supervisors.
  • Improper Training: Amazon is all about speed. And when you only focus on efficiency, details can fall through the cracks. Some Amazon drivers do not receive the proper training to safely deliver packages in residential and pedestrian-heavy areas.
  • Running Intersections: Many people think a yellow light means speed up rather than slow down. It’s crucial to stop for all red lights and stop signs and not speed through just because there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
  • Bad Weather: We can’t control the weather, but unfortunately, it can contribute to dangerous road conditions. When you see a storm roll in, take special care to drive, cycle, or walk safely.

Who Is Liable for Delivery Truck Accidents?

Knowing who’s liable for a truck accident can be challenging, especially when a large corporation is involved. Collisions involving Amazon vehicles are particularly complicated. Most Amazon delivery drivers are considered “independent partners” and are not technically employees of Amazon. This means you may have to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance first. If you’re unable to obtain fair compensation via this route, you may be able to file with Amazon’s policy. This could mean greater compensation, but you will likely have more burden of proof.

Proving Fault in an Amazon Accident

If you want to file a claim with Amazon’s insurance, you’ll need to prove that the driver was on duty at the time of the accident. Typically, you can do so by accessing the driver’s phone records and their interactions with the Amazon Flex app—the tool used to sign up for delivery blocks. If the driver was in the process of delivering a package at the time of the accident, you’ll have a greater chance of gaining compensation from Amazon. Our team can help you prove fault in these cases.

Start the Filing Process as Soon as Possible

Even if your Amazon truck accident was today, it’s never too early to start filing a claim. In fact, it’s important to file as soon as possible so you don’t miss your chance for compensation. Our personal injury lawyers will work with you to begin filing your claim early. Here’s how you can help the filing process move more quickly:

  • Record the delivery driver’s name and license plate number
  • Take photos of any property damage
  • Ask for the driver’s driving records
  • Write down the police report number
  • Keep track of medical expenses

Types of Compensation You Stand to Gain

If you follow the claims process correctly and adequately prove your case, you stand to gain several types of compensation. Some of these are economic, meaning they correspond directly to financial costs. Others are non-economic and serve as compensation for mental anguish and the emotional effects of an injury or accident. With Nava Law Group’s help, you may receive the following types of compensation after an Amazon truck accident:

  • Medical expenses (hospital bills, physical therapy, etc.)
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

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Dealing with Amazon drivers, damaged property, and life-changing injuries isn’t something you need to go through alone. The seasoned team at Nava Law Group is here to help you make your personal injury case and increase your chances of adequate compensation. Beyond Amazon truck accidents, we specialize in a wide array of motor vehicle accidents and personal injury claims. Be sure to contact us if you’ve been involved in any of the following incidents:

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