Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit Uncover 18-Wheeler Violations?

At the Nava Law Group, our semi-truck accident attorneys in Houston travel the same congested roadways as the rest of our city’s residents each day and know just how many 18-wheelers we pass, because it is an intimidating sight to ride alongside a vehicle that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.

Texas is one of the top three states in the U.S. where truck drivers log the most miles, thanks to our nearly 3,200 miles of interstate highways that run throughout the state.

When our fellow Texans are injured in a collision with a semi-truck, our skilled personal injury lawyers will take the lead in determining whether the truck driver, trucking company, or another third party was at fault for the collision, and if any of those parties — or a combination of each — were responsible for violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines, causing the collision to occur.

Truck Driver Error is the Primary Cause of Truck Accidents in Texas

Semi-truck driver errors were cited in nearly 90% of all 18-wheeler collisions throughout the U.S. last year.

That included operators who were driving while intoxicated, distracted, or speeding — all of which are clear violations of commercial vehicle guidelines.

Another violation that can lead to catastrophic semi-truck accidents is driver fatigue brought on by Hours-of-Service violations when the truck driver does not take the required breaks to ensure they are well-rested before getting back behind the wheel.

Currently, as the state of the truck driving industry is in flux — with fewer drivers and increased demand in online shipping and delivery needs — trucking companies are also increasingly at fault for semi-truck collisions as they push their existing workforce to do more in fewer hours.

Trucking Companies Can Be Liable for Truck Accidents When They are in Violation of State and Federal Industry Guidelines

Trucking companies are responsible for hiring a competent workforce, which means drivers who have the required Commercial Driver’s Licenses and can pass a medical and background check without issue.

Next, they must have enough experience to properly operate a vehicle that can potentially weigh up to 80,000-pounds.

When inexperienced truck drivers are hired by a trucking company — which the U.S. Department of Transportation has outlined in its National Training Standards for New Truck and Bus Drivers — their employers are required to properly train them before they can get out on the open road behind the wheel of a semi-truck. When they fail to do so, they are in violation of federal trucking industry standards and may be held liable for any collision that occurs.

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