High Speed-Related Accidents

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic crashes last year throughout the country, causing 9,478 fatalities.

At the Nava Law Group, our Houston car accident attorneys know firsthand how dangerous speeding is, whether it occurs on our expansive Texas interstates, city streets, or rural roads.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, speeding was the cause of 27,541 total crashes last year that caused, nearly 13,200 injuries and close to 900 fatalities.

Speed limits are put in place for a reason. When they are broken, or exceeded in dangerous conditions, catastrophic traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities can occur without notice.

If your life has been impacted by a speeding driver, our Houston personal injury lawyers are here to help you hold the negligent driver liable for your full financial recovery, so you can focus on getting your life back.

How Does Speeding Contribute to Car Accidents in Texas?

Any time a Texas driver is exceeding the speed limit, he or she is going to require a greater distance to stop.

Unfortunately, if speeding is combined with distracted driving, drivers will not have enough time to avoid stopped traffic ahead or brake for an emergency.

When speeding drivers are confronted with obstacles, they often react without thinking, which could cause the car to swerve into oncoming traffic, hit a nearby guardrail or barrier, or slam into the driver(s) in front of them.

What is more, when drivers are speeding, they have a greater chance of losing control of their vehicles, which can cause rollover accidents or pileups without notice.

Unfortunately, the greater the impact of the crash, the higher the injury rate.

High-speed collisions often cause severe whiplash, neck and spinal injuries, concussions, brain injuries, and orthopedic trauma.

Since speeding directly reduces the effectiveness of seatbelts and airbags, even the negligent driver and his or her vehicle occupants are placed in significant danger.

Speeding Puts Pedestrians & Bicyclists at an Increased Risk for Injuries or Death

When vehicle drivers are speeding through intersections, neighborhoods, and school zones pedestrians and bicyclists — including both adults and children — are placed at a greater risk of severe injuries and fatalities.

Drivers must understand when they are traveling at higher speeds, the force of impact also increases. When they are involved in a crash, whether it is with another vehicle, motorcyclist, or person, the result can be life changing.

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