Union Pacific Railroad Fifth Ward Cancer Cases in Houston

Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Handling Union Pacific Railroad Fifth Ward Cancer Cases

At the Nava Law Group, our skilled personal injury lawyers in Houston are more than legal advocates who represent Texas clients whose lives have been impacted by negligence.

We are community activists who provide legal representation to those who have been affected by the confirmed levels of creosote contamination left behind by United Pacific Railroad that is causing cancer in nearby residents in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

The cancer cluster found in the Fifth Ward neighborhood is believed to be the result of the Union Pacific Lot that lies nearby, where community groups are stating many previous residents have already lost their battles with cancer caused by the creosote contamination.

At the Nava Law Group, our skilled personal injury lawyers have the experience our Houston residents need to take on corporations like United Pacific Railroad, so they can seek the compensation they deserve to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Here is what our Houston and Fifth Ward residents need to know about their legal options.

The Environmental Protection Agency is Making Demands from United Pacific Railroad for an Action Plan

Houston and Fifth Ward community leaders have been advocating for change in neighborhoods where substantial data illustrates the severity of the pollution and health impacts facing those living in proximity to the United Pacific Railroad site.

The Environmental Protection Agency has given United Pacific Railroad notice that they must implement an action plan regarding the cleanup of a contaminated site in Houston’s Fifth Ward, which is believed to be the source of a cancer cluster.

The EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice has been leading efforts to improve coordination and communication on the cleanup for more than a year, and demands Union Pacific respond by outlining:

  • When they became aware of the contaminants at the site on which workers used creosote
  • What is its plan of action for cleaning up the contaminated area

Neighbors want Union Pacific to be required to test the area regularly for contamination as fear grows that the underground plume has spread and is causing significant health problems and even fatalities in those who live nearby.

As we await Union Pacific’s next steps, our personal injury law firm in Houston has begun reviewing cases against UPRR to determine the best course of action for our affected clients, so they can pursue the financial outcome they deserve for the corporate entity’s negligence in poisoning their communities.

Has Your Fifth Ward Community Been Impacted by Union Pacific Railroad’s Contamination? Contact the Nava Law Group For Help Today.

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We are here to help investigate the impact these dangerous circumstances have had on your and your family’s health, so you can not only seek the medical solutions and financial recovery you deserve, but justice from those who caused your injuries and illnesses.

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