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Whistleblower LawsuitsAt the Nava Law Group, P.C., our Houston whistleblower attorneys applaud the strength and courage it takes for our clients to stand up for what they believe in by speaking up and putting a stop to fraudulent or corrupt behavior.

We understand that employees may unwantedly find themselves in the middle illegal, unethical, or controversial activity at work, and when they decide to speak up, their employers are going to fight to keep them quiet and preserve their bottom line.

No matter how complicated your legal battle may be, or what type of retaliation your employer has threatened you with, our Harris County whistleblower lawyers are here to protect your rights and interests every step of the way.

What Is the Definition of a Whistleblower?

Individuals who take a stand against an organization or company that is engaged in wrongful behavior is often referred to a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers expose information or activities within a private or public organization that are deemed:

  • Substantial and specific dangers to public health or safety
  • Abusive of their authority
  • Grossly mismanaged or wasteful of funds
  • Illegal
  • Unethical

The Whistleblower Protection Act became federal law in the United States in 1989, giving federal employees the protection they need from retaliating employers. This is important because it gives federal employees the ability to speak up about wrongdoing within government agencies without fearing they will lose their job.

Federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has its own Whistleblower Protection Program, which champions its commitment to ensuring safe and healthful working conditions that protect those who speak out against workplace violations.

What Are the Most Common Types of Whistleblower Cases in Houston?

When an unethical or illegal activity is occurring in the workplace, it takes a lot of courage to report the behavior. Corporations and government organizations have a lot of power, and when a single employee, or group of workers, knows of wrongdoing, it can be incredibly intimidating to step forward.

Common types of Houston whistleblower cases can include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental violations
  • Fraud, including misappropriation or mishandling of customer funds, fraudulent solicitation, or issuing false customer account statements
  • Healthcare fraud, including Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Market manipulation, including spoofing or disruptive trading practices
  • Oil and gas royalty fraud
  • Procurement fraud, including violations of the False Claims Act, bid-rigging, and corruption in the form of kickbacks, bribes, and collusion
  • Securities fraud, including violations of the Commodity Exchange Act, the Sarbanes Oxley Act, or the Dodd-Frank Act
  • Tax fraud

Why Would I Need a Houston Whistleblower Attorney?

With so many whistleblower protections in place, individuals may wonder why they would need an attorney after reporting systematic fraud or wrongdoing in the workplace.

It’s a great question. After all, aren’t these protections put in place to keep your employer from retaliating against you after you blow the whistle on their misdeeds?

The short answer is yes. They are designed that way.

Unfortunately, corporations large and small are committed to their bottom line, and when someone — like a whistleblower — interferes and exposes wrongdoing, they may be capable of taking any action necessary to keep their activities from becoming public.

Common employer retaliation actions against whistleblowers can include:

  • Blacklisting
  • Demotions
  • Denial of benefits
  • Denying overtime or promotions
  • Discipline
  • Failure to hire or rehire
  • Intimidation
  • Making threats
  • Reduction of pay or hours
  • Retaliatory reassignment
  • Termination

Whistleblowers can experience severe harassment from other employees because they spoke up about wrongdoing within the organization. After all, other employees may be purposefully looking the other way to ensure they can keep their jobs and income.

Whistleblower Cases Require An Experienced Houston Whistleblower Lawyer by Your Side

Whistleblower cases are incredibly complex, and without an experienced Houston whistleblower lawyer by your side, you may become overwhelmed by retaliation efforts that are too much for you and your family to handle.

At the Nava Law Group, P.C., our Houston whistleblower attorneys want you to be proud of your decision to report illegal or illicit activities and will provide the accomplished representation you need to ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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If you have already reported the illegal or illicit activity to the proper authorities or have the information to do so and have yet to proceed, you do not have to face your employer, government agency, or their attorneys alone.

Your rights and well-being are important to our Houston whistleblower lawyers and want to ensure you have the legal protection you deserve to pursue results.

Contact our Houston whistleblower attorneys at the Nava Law Group, P.C. today to schedule a free confidential consultation by calling (713) 218-2424. Our knowledgeable Houston whistleblower lawyers will walk you through the legal process, so you know exactly what to expect by taking a stand for what is right.

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